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About Us

Working with Wisconsin K9 SOS Search and Rescue

Wisconsin K9 SOS Search & Rescue responds 24 hours a day when requested by a public safety agency and we do not charge for our service. K9SOS will respond anywhere in Wisconsin and will assist in out of state searches when requested by another search organization or public safety agency.

Our team will search for lost or missing persons, and do cadaver work in the following areas:

  • On land, in urban or rural environments
  • In water and under ice: we provide side scan sonar imaging for water searches
  • In standing buildings.

Please note that we will not search for escaped criminals or persons who may be armed or dangerous.

Search Operations

Our team will establish a mobile operations base on location. All search teams utilize hand-held GPS units to precisely document and map locations searched. All data is then consolidated via computer mapping programs to generate a map of the area covered.

For each search, the Search Manager will complete a comprehensive report for the requesting law enforcement, fire, or EMS agency.

Search Dog Specialties

Search dogs with WI K9 SOS need to be friendly, have the ability for SAR work, and preferably have a double coat for the cold winters. Our team welcomes a variety of breeds suited to SAR work. Our K9s have included German shepherds, golden retrievers, Dutch shepherds, a smooth coated fox terrier, malinois, and a field spaniel. Our dogs certify in one or more of the following specialties:

Live Area ScentK-9s search for live human scent in an area. They are trained in urban and wilderness settings wilderness. K9s certify through a variety of organizations.

MPRT: Multi-purpose response team K-9s search for live or deceased human scent in an area. They are trained in urban, wilderness, and water settings. Cadaver certifications are obtained through LETS International (Law Enforcement Training Specialists).

Cadaver Detection Only: K-9s search for actively decomposing human remains in urban, wilderness and water settings. Some K-9s within this specialty search for trace amounts of cadaver such as blood, bone, hair, and teeth. Cadaver certifications are obtained through LETS International.

Tracking/Trailing: K-9s work via scent specific items from the missing person, and follow the trail/track of the specific missing individual. Trailing certifications are obtained through LETS and NASDN (North American Search Dog Network)